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This is the second part of my series, Chickincest, which discusses the issues surrounding poultry food production.  This is a story of the unintended consequences that have brought us to where we are, what a sustainable system might look like, and what it would take to get there.  In this part I try to clarify just what is meant by the term “heritage breeds”.

Coupeville is a really small town.  I was at the quarterly Lion’s Club blood draw, the place where you will meet all of the town’s luminaries, and I ran into Al Sherman.  The Sherman’s were one of the original families that homesteaded what is now Ebey’s Prairie in the 1850’s, and there are a lot of Sherman’s here still.  Because I am trying to gain an historical perspective on what farming used to be like here, I asked Al what his family was farming when he was a kid.  I was pretty surprised by the answer. (more…)


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I was over at a friends house last week.  As we were getting ready to sit down to dinner she asked me what I would like to serve my daughters.  “I have water or non-organic milk,” she said.  Clearly, my reputation preceded me.  My friend, who has two growing boys of her own, told me that she goes through so much milk she doesn’t even consider the possibility of buying organic milk because it is so much more expensive.  (more…)

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