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Life is too short…

We took our kids down to the city for a Boxing Day movie and to take in the bright lights. We really don’t get off-island that often, at least not down to the Big Smoke of Seattle. We find our needs met here and I don’t miss having to actually wait to cross the street because there are cars. I live in a town where there is one cross walk signal, and that is for crossing the “highway”. That said, it was nice to see the reaction of my daughters to the sights and sounds of the city at night, and they throughly enjoyed Arthur Christmas 3D.

Strangely enough the big disappointment of the trip was Starbucks. We took a little walk after dinner, circling the area around Westlake Center, and in a ridiculously small area we saw five Starbucks. I know it is an old joke by now, but when you can stand on the corner of 7th and Olive Way in Seattle you will find that there are literally 5 Starbucks within a one block radius. (more…)


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