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Mom2My wife and I have often bemoaned the fact that it is next to impossible to find real food when driving on the I-5 corridor.  We have made several trips through Oregon, and we always end up struggling to avoid chain restaurants and find real cooking.   If only someone made a guide of little, local gems that just could not be missed in, say, Drain, Oregon or Burlington, Washington.  (more…)


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Shaggy Mane or Coprinus ComatusI thought I was in heaven returning from an overnight stay in Westport on the Washington Coast.  We had gone for the first Razor Clam opening of the season and had limited out in short order.  Last night we feasted on pan fried razors in a rented cabin and we had just arrive back home with plans of another razor clam binge when what did I find popping their heads out of the ground right next to our front door?  A cluster of Shaggy Mane Mushrooms.

When I was a kid here in Coupeville they used to come up right in our lawn in the fall.  The Shaggy Mane will turn to black, dripping ooze if left to long in he ground.  When they have first immerged the flesh inside the gills is pink and the flavor is mild and delicious.

My five year old daughter did the preparation tonight: she split the caps and shredded them with her fingers, then sauted them in butter and garlic until all the liquid had evaporated.  Delicious!  We ate them right out of the saute pan with our fingers.

More on the clamming trip to follow soon, but for now, keep your eyes out this week for Shaggy Manes.

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